11 Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Wondering how to make your clothes look good for a longer time? We have collected our best tips for making your clothes last longer.

  1. Separate your laundry. Wash whites with whites, colours with colours and dark with dark – it will protect the colours of your clothes and prevent both fading and colour crossover.
  2. Zip it up. When you put clothes in the washing machine with the zippers open, it can damage other pieces in the wash. Avoid distressing your fabrics by zipping them up before you wash.
  3. Wash inside out. Protect your clothes from the washing machine and other things you might be washing by washing it inside out.
  4. Treat stains immediately. Prevent the stain from setting in and ruining your favorite piece of clothing by putting a treatment on it straight away.
  5. Wash less. Don’t wash jeans after wearing them once – jeans don’t need to be washed every time your wear them. Let them hang outside for a few hours and they will be fresh to use again.
  6. Air dry, air dry, air dry! Your clothes will wear out quickly if you always dry them in the tumbler. Instead, opt to hang it up in the fresh air. However, be careful with dark colours in direct sunlight, as it can prematurely fade the colours.
  7. Store your clothes the right way. Don’t push all your clothes into a super tight space-your clothes also need room to breathe.
  8. Hang up the nice stuff. Hang up your blazers, silk shirts, dresses and skirts, so they don’t wrinkle and are ready to wear.
  9. Fold the heavy stuff. Prevent big chunky sweaters from stretching and sagging on hangers by folding them and storing them flat.
  10. Wear an apron. Avoid cooking stains and oil splotches by wearing an apron in the kitchen.
  11. The right temperature. Follow the clothes’ washing recommendations and wash it on the right temperature