Our team at B. Copenhagen is excited to reveal our latest collection alongside our Spring
campaign, titled B. You.

At B. Copenhagen, we believe that clothes are a lot more than just clothes. The clothes we
wear are an integral part of our identity, our mood and our statement to the world. Clothes
are a choice we make every day to help us express ourselves. It can give us that boost of
inner strength and confidence to do the unexpected, or to go beyond the expected.

“I started wearing a couple pieces from B. Copenhagen in autumn; One of my favourites is a
navy blue dress with paisley detailing. It’s a liiittle more feminine than I’m used to and
outside my ‘style comfort zone’, but every time I wear it to work it makes me feel more
confident, like I can take on the world… or at least, the work day.”
– Mackenzie, 30, freelance writer.


We want you to feel good in our clothes and feel empowered, but most of all we want you to
be who you uniquely are. We have created the B. You campaign because we want to remind
you that you are enough; you are the leader in your life, and that you are braver than you
maybe give yourself credit for.

The B. Copenhagen woman is a woman who strives for progress, not perfection, no matter
who you are: mother, career woman, adventurer (or all of the above). We believe in real style
for real women.

“I have bought a lot of B. Copenhagen. I´m feeling feminine and also cool when I wear B.
Copenhagen. My girlfriends always give me compliments when I wear it. I have just bought
leather culottes pants from B. Copenhagen: nice fit and elegant to wear.”
– Yvonne, 56, sales coordinator.


As we transition from winter to springtime, we are leaning into a luxurious vibe with timeless
camel colours and off-white combined with soft blue hues and a delicate, dusty red. Add
some new energy into your wardrobe by embracing our graphic micro-flowers inspired by
Copenhagen’s gardens in springtime. As always, we value simple design aesthetics with
classic high quality finishes that add that touch of sophistication – without compromising on

“Great styles, delicious quality and nice fits. Perfect for me who has had a couple of children –
and still wants to look good and feel good. “B.” your own kind of beautiful.”
– Lene, 44, sales and marketingmanager + mother.


As Coco Chanel once said, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” We want
to be inspired by your beauty, so get involved in our B. You campaign by showing us who
YOU are. Show us when you feel most empowered and authentically you – what are you
wearing? What are you doing? Who are you with? Share your picture on Instagram and tag
us with #byou❤️. We will choose a winning picture from all tagged content on February 15 th ,
March 15 th , and April 15 th . The winner can choose from a selection of B. Copenhagen Spring
styles (value up to 300 euros)

It’s your life, your story, your expression.

Express who you are.

B. You.